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What are the first steps?

Contacting a therapist for the first time can daunting and sometimes it can be hard to do. It takes courage. It can feel like a big step into the unknown.

Here is a guide which will hopefully reassure you in this process.


1. Initial contact

I am the only person who accesses this ‘phone and email address. This means that you can be assured of total confidentiality.


When you first get in touch, please leave the following details:

Your name

Your contact email / telephone number

Any special instructions e.g. convenient times to call, whether it is ok to leave a message when calling etc

I tend to just say I am responding to your enquiry when I leave messages – just in case you don’t want others sharing your number / email address to know you have been in touch.


2. Telephone conversation

This conversation can be brief, and confirm:

Appointment time and date



It is natural to want to chat briefly and to see if you feel comfortable talking to me.

Ready to find out more?

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